Cultural program of Japan House
Cultural program of Japan House

Japan House Cultural Center

Japan House Cultural Center is a unique place in Moscow where Japanese culture resides, and unfolds its secrets to everyone is eager to discover and experience the beauty of this culture.

Our center provides big variety of programs including creative workshops, language courses, festivals, and cultural exchanges.

Diligently carrying out its cultural mission Japan House Cultural Center regularly arranges workshops featuring famous Japanese masters in the field of ink painting, calligraphy, ikebana, manga, origami and other projects.  All the masters of the Center are well-known and highly-respected senseis willing to share their experience and knowledge with participants of our courses.

Since 2012, Japan House Cultural Center has been the initiator and the permanent organizer of international project HINODE ROWER JAPAN. HPJ is a unique and the largest Russian festival of Japanese culture. By inviting the best contemporary artists from Japan to the festival we introduce the pearls of traditional and modern Japanese art to Russian audience.

Official site of HINODE POWER JAPAN festival:


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